Isagenix & Zija Charitable Giving Guidelines

We’ve received several inquiries about providing guidelines should you wish to support your own local charitable organizations or initiate a charitable project of your own during times of need.

We know that contribution is a core value that defines our Isagenix family, and we appreciate everyone’s desire to get involved. However, we must also point out that any fundraising effort organized by you as an Isagenix Independent Associate or a Zija Distributor should be conducted independently of your business activity.

As many of you know, Isagenix’s philanthropic outreach is conducted through the ISA Foundation, our fully qualified 501(c)(3) philanthropic giving entity. The ISA Foundation awards monetary grants biannually to nonprofits that align with our mission.

We are currently in discussion about how we, as a company, can do our part in giving back to our local communities by supporting organizations that are adapting to the increasing needs. If you are motivated to raise funds for a charitable cause, we encourage you to promote donations to the ISA Foundation or your favorite local nonprofit organization.

With the above in mind, we would like to offer some general guidelines that we hope will be useful for you and your teams.

  • While we all desire to help others, it is important to protect our Isagenix culture by not linking sales to any charitable donations, as this is often viewed as taking advantage of the crisis or disaster situation.
  • Rules and laws on charitable giving are different in every county, state, province, and country. It is your responsibility to be aware of, understand, and apply the pertinent laws regarding charitable giving in your jurisdiction.
  • Do not imply that your fundraising effort is organized by Isagenix. The Isagenix business model was created to help individuals build a residual income. Those individuals may choose to direct funds they are earning toward charitable causes of their choice.
  • Purchases from your business should be intended for personal consumption or may be used as a donation to a nonprofit charity. No monetary contributions should be collected to purchase product for donation. Instead, they should be channeled directly to a nonprofit charity.
  • Clearly explain how you are choosing to make your donation, (e.g. product donation, financial contribution) and which nonprofit you’ve selected. This is your choice, but we have listed some highly credible nonprofits below that you may want to consider.
  • Check with your chosen nonprofit to confirm what they can accept. In light of the current situation, we have heard that many can only accept a financial donation.
  • Do not provide a donation receipt yourself (or from your Isagenix business) or imply that the individual making the donation can claim a tax write-off. This can only be provided directly by the nonprofit organization.
  • You should document that you have made the donation to your nonprofit of choice to better protect yourself from claims that someone’s money was misused or misdirected. Featuring your chosen nonprofit organization’s donation link on your social media page may be helpful in demonstrating that you are fulfilling your stated commitment. (It may be preferable to have financial donations sent directly to the nonprofit. Collecting funds on behalf of an organization or charitable donation can have legal implications.)
  • It is important that you follow through with what you are sharing publicly.

For your convenience, we provided names of credible nonprofit organizations in the U.S. that directly impact those affected by the current health crisis, and there are similar nonprofits all over the world:

You can also donate to the ISA Foundation in your Back Office to support our network of charitable partners.

If you have any questions, please contact the ISA Foundation at

About Isagenix International

About Isagenix International

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