Direct Seller Concerns: S. 420, Protecting the Right to Organize Act

Email subject line: Direct Seller Concerns: S. 420, Protecting the Right to Organize Act

Dear Senator [Insert Your U.S. Senator’s Last Name Here],

As a direct seller with Isagenix in the great state of [insert your state name here], I am writing to express my concerns regarding S. 420, the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021. As currently written, it creates standards that could undermine my direct selling business — a small business that allows me to sell products to friends and family as an independent contractor. I build my business by finding my own customers and selling them great products. Isagenix does not tell me where to sell my products or make me sell any more or less than my time allows.

Adopting the PRO Act, which includes the restrictive “ABC” test that determines whether people are classified as employees or independent contractors, could negatively impact current business models throughout the industry. My business would be affected (and might not exist) — as could the businesses of my friends, neighbors, and millions of others who also are direct sellers.

I oppose this bill as currently written and ask that you support my small business by making sure individual direct sellers like myself will continue to be considered independent contractors under the law, as we have been for generations.

I hope you will support my small business and thousands more in your state.

Thank you,

[insert your name here]