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Global Health and Wellness Company Celebrates Earth Day and Commitment to World Health

Isagenix, a global leader in health and wellness products and solutions, celebrates Earth Day with a continued commitment to protecting our planet.

Since launching its corporate sustainability program, Green Today for Tomorrow, in fall 2016, Isagenix has implemented best practice sustainability advances at its world headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona including:

  • Achieving LEED certification in recognition of its many green building features, including innovation in design and lighting efficiency;
  • Reducing plastic waste by eliminating bottled water onsite, resulting in a reduction of more than 25,000 plastic bottles per year;
  • Promoting responsible habits by providing all existing and new employees with a personalized hydroflask and installing purified water stations throughout the building;
  • Partnering with Waste Management on recycling efforts and educating employees on effective recycling methods;
  • Implementing technology to reduce printing, reducing paper usage by 40 percent;
  • Empowering employees to hold paperless meetings by installing state-of-the-art conference room projection technology;
  • Implementing best practices in regard to printed product catalogs and new member welcome kits, including the use of lower weight paper, resulting in a savings of over 26 tons of paper annually; and
  • Donating empty Isagenix product bottles for reuse at local hospitals as patient pill dispensers.

“As we grow larger as a company, our environmental footprint also continues to expand,” said Erik Coover, co-owner and senior vice president of global field development. “In keeping with our goal as a legacy company that is impacting lives across the globe, we are committed to doing what’s right in terms of impacting the planet. That means not only increasing our sustainably efforts, but also looking for new ways to do even more.”

In addition to implementing sustainability practices at its world headquarters, the health and wellness company is evaluating more ways to reduce its global environmental footprint by working with experts at Arizona State University’s Global Sustainability Solutions Services to evaluate and recommend improvements in current product packaging and printed materials.

The company’s sustainability commitment is shared by everyone at Isagenix including its employees, customers, and independent associates. On May 20, 2017, the company will also host it’s second annual Isagenix Global Give Back Day, an event bringing everyone at Isagenix together to give back to their communities and the planet. In 2016, the event spanned nine countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Across the world, hundreds rallied together to clean up beaches and parks, build roofs and gardens, plant trees, and more. 

“People care. They want to do the right thing and make a difference. If we can collectively make a difference here at Isagenix and educate our growing member base, the ripple effect will be massive,” added Coover.

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