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Isagenix Launches Healthy Energy Shot

Isagenix®, a company providing Solutions to Transform Lives™, launched a great-tasting, single-serve energy shot that combines naturally sourced caffeine from green tea and yerba maté and a proprietary blend of adaptogenic botanicals that increases energy, stamina and mental alertness. e+ gets—and keeps—you active and alert, giving consumers a natural alternative that lasts for hours minus the unhealthy additives found in other energy drinks.

Unlike many of the energy shot products in today’s marketplace, e+ contains no added sugars, artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. According to Mintel, the $8.1 billion energy shot market is expected to grow 92 percent between 2011 and 2016, and Isagenix believes strongly that the increased popularity of natural shot alternatives will help drive that segment growth.

“A large and growing number of our customers regularly consume caffeine products including coffee, energy shots and other beverages. While there is substantial evidence that caffeine can have many health benefits, the energy drink/functional drinks market is saturated with high-content caffeine, sugar-laden beverages that are made with empty calories and a host of artificial ingredients,” says Jim Coover, Isagenix Co-Founder and President. “This can often contribute to a wide range of negative side effects. Isagenix is a solutions based company that transforms lives and we are extremely pleased to offer a healthy alternative.”

Packaged in convenient 2 fluid ounce bottles, Isagenix e+ energy shots are available in delicious apple pomegranate flavor and are intended to be taken in the morning, during a mid-day crash or whenever mental and physical energy is low.

Science has also consistently pointed to natural caffeine as an excellent starting point for a natural boost of energy to fuel performance, according to research scientist Dr. Michael Colgan. “In over 30 years of controlled studies, moderate doses of caffeine from green tea plant extracts, calculated for lean body weight, and used under specific conditions, yielded a significant improvement of 1 to 3 percent in running performance in a 10K race,” says Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph D., CCN.

At just 35 calories, e+ is a nutrient-packed energy shot that gets your body moving and sharpens your mind, helping to increase energy and boost metabolism.

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