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Isagenix Now Open For Business in Malaysia

Isagenix®, with its Solutions to Transform Lives™, is now open for business in Malaysia, a country where direct selling isn’t just an option, it’s fully embraced.

Opened the ninth day, of the ninth month, Malaysia is now the ninth country added to the Isagenix repertoire of international markets. Isagenix Associates can help their contacts in Malaysia purchase product or join Isagenix to start their own businesses abroad. 

Isagenix Vice President & General Manager of Southeast Asia Dato Dr. Ronie Tan says the expansion of Isagenix into Malaysia will be a key component that will contribute to the company’s international growth.

“We don’t want to grow this company to $1 billion or $2 billion; we want to grow Isagenix to be the most successful company in the entire direct selling industry,” says Dato. “We’ve already received an overwhelming response to our opening with more than 250 Associates and guests recently visiting the new office. This is truly a historic milestone for Isagenix.

Malaysia is no stranger to the direct selling industry. In fact, one in four Malaysians are involved in network marketing and the country has a strong population of 29 million people—that’s about 6 million less than the population of Australia.

Isagenix will host a special Grand Opening Ceremony at its new Malaysian headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, September 21 from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. followed by an all-day special training and an all-star dinner and recognition night on Sunday, September 22. For details, take a look at this flyer.

To learn more about upcoming events and news in Malaysia, be sure to visit IsaFYI.com and select the Malaysia flag in the top right corner. We’ll also share more details on international expansion on the “International” page located on IsaFYI.com.

About Isagenix International

Established in 2002, Isagenix provides systems for weight loss, performance, vitality and well-being, personal care and beauty, and financial wellness​. With half a million customers worldwide and more than 100 products, packs, and systems globally, the company is committed to supporting healthy change in its customers’ and independent distributors’ lives. Isagenix shares its products and solutions through a network of independent distributors in 14 markets: the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and South Korea. Isagenix is a privately owned company with headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. For more information, visit Isagenix.com.